Posted by: Zigzapiens | September 27, 2011

foundation stone

So, the obvious establishing post has to be one that talks of the islands, for i’m living amongst strange and joyful people in front of the great volcanic Pico.

I wrote this the day i returned to Faial after a long harsh time in Lisbon, I was rapt in awe, the colors stunned and inspired me, still, cold winds would arise from the distance.


today, the greenest pearl shine’th into meye-ai

Oh sun, hiding in an excess of light,

blank white watering-bluest shine.

troubbleblinding even the darkest eye.

In a twist of wind out comes the snow, and in a fireside,

ashes turn to the mountain, slowly dancing.

Leaf of black , whirling smoke. calls upon,

Mistress earth, bailed out.

to us, those who care,

freedom in a glass of hope.

Cascade of returning misty fade.

Oh fiery mountain chant! oh high!

in a note, cruising seas,

under undoubtedly-bees

running from wolfs,

thirsty scavengers of man,

in misery-of…oh-me.

Drowning Ees over Cs

Shine upon thees as upon mees.

In lonely mornings and tired famine skys

shine the flame of heaven, till stone crystal-melting,

emeralding eye, blooms as if a flood, would blissfully


it never stops



  1. 😉

  2. Your words are thick as blood, so filled are they with meaning. Yet you manage to make them ethereal as well. Again, I like your spacing. Centering it gives it a feel like the rolling of the ocean. When the muse holds me in her arms, I surrender to that warm torrent of words she builds inside me; it’s clear that you hold the muse in a similar manner.

    My favorite phrasing was this: “shine the flame of heaven, till stone crystal-melting”

    I want to read more, but I also want to hold onto the mood this put me in, so I will read more tomorrow.

  3. Thank you! I like your understanding and how you express and feel it – Yes! i sometimes get so lost in that “warm torrent” that i fail to write it best…but then, the editing can make a lot, that’s what I’m discovering…although this one came quite fluently and spontaneously.

    Last night i read all the first chapter you wrote! i completely devoured it. In your writings I felt i should have gone easy on the readings because of all the different perspectives, but at the same time i wanted to learn more, and as i started composing and imagining the story in my head i could dive in the spaces and really be there. I find this amazing because you don’t seem very descriptive, yet you manage to express it all quite well.

    I’m very curious of the native american cultures (and all cultures in general), of course this one holds a great mysticism and i’m happy to learn about it!

    And I wish that we as humans in this new globalized age can learn to include the best of all cultures and re-express, re-create ourselves, being in, and for the spirit of mother earth.

    Thank you for your beautiful insights, (and waiting adventures!)
    And I really hope you can publish this work! maybe through that “Quetzal Editores”!?

  4. Just letting you know that I sent you an email (Just in case you didn’t get my reply on my blog). Also, what should I read of yours next?

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    For the armchair traveler, this is a gem Great stuff Our Azure

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