Posted by: Zigzapiens | September 30, 2011

fragments of…

…summersight roam

frightened home

in shattering groove

settles beside a despair


erupting screams,

as sorceress arises.

unopposed, unarmed

Still, she hits hard


digging bitter daymares

journey to one soul’s past

laying carefully with a smile

curving ways of time in itself,

enter pathless exile, prison


mouthful, blood

sluggish grudge,

soaked liver


As night’s cold love bringer,

she escapes broken heart

enters violently,

open door.


spine erected tends to curve my eye,

horizon is endless wilderness,

glowing under soft light.

 bright loose hart


… … …

… …



… … …

reaches wait

mirrors’n water

ship sank long ago

no vessel, out of bridge

tiller’s fasten. Some souls have

vanished from the blue, violent winds

tearing our hearts, only to be read…thought

fumbling and rolling to shore’s scars

ravage sails blow out wind

breath length of

buried kiss



  .         .                   .       .

.          .            .          .           .

Seams the blanket of night

is in her broadsheet eyes,

spacious warm home.

universal tears

fall apart






  1. Lovely. I enjoyed your use of periods to help illustrate, especially right before “the blanket of night.” Followed!

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