Posted by: Zigzapiens | November 21, 2011


flasks of guesses,

over empty tables

distressed whispers

in turmoil, howled screams

are silenced forever.


in honor, a mess…

imprisoned fear.

stuck, the body trapped itself

spilling burst of beauty





heart closed.

flirts with sorrow

the young man’s hungry mouth

ducked in its flawed wisdom.



the waterless fountain

in the mist of night

(on Monday, March 28, 2011)



  1. Where have you been my friend? I miss talking to you!

  2. oh I’ve been lost and found, partying and mourning. Overall i’m continuing my efforts around my usual subjects…unfortunately, haven’t regularly read you :/ I’m so excited about using my last “freedom” days (before I start working on an office) that I am holding on till next year’s more “scheduled” life…

    Hope you are finally enjoying your new house under the stars!

  3. Sounds good, except for the mourning part. Everything okay? Don’t worry about reading me, if you don’t have the time, you don’t. Enjoy your freedom days and have a drink for me, if you will 🙂 I am definitely loving the night sky out here. It’s the best part of things. Did you finally get the office job with the film editing or another?

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