Posted by: Zigzapiens | April 25, 2013

the drunker the drunk, the drunker the dusk

the pain that you trust

is a must on the house of fear

so get down (out) baby

find a new light year.


there’s a little patience

growing at your door

you begin to worry

than you worry no more.


there’s a little apple

falling on your floor

you begin to clean it

than the worms eat more.


oh the tree is growing slowly

even when you’re home at sleep

you can say its all a bad thing

but the seeds come from the sea.


i’m tired still appealing

and the earth says its ok

but brother its time to walk

away from watchful prey

love is your wand

wave it
with your brother

only one enchanted serpent

can one day bite its own tail

you want to undress the statue

but you don’t do it by the shoes

the right to choose

the right to choose





  1. I really like this one, Paulo! Hope you are doing well!

    • thanks 🙂

      I’m doing better now – got the alcohol out of my life

      And found some wisdom…

      i’ll p.m. you

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