Posted by: Zigzapiens | August 28, 2015

oceans of sand

im fallin away in the desert sand,
im rollin away under the sun,
my heart is taken by the wind,
a gentle breeze that sings to me.

come in, take my heart ,
and leave me in the desert sand,
come on in, steal my heart,
and leave me in the desert sand.

i’m miles away from civilization,
as I enter your reminescence,
I enter a dream,
you came out of the dream,
my soul needs yours,
to go on.

an oasis for my soul,
sleeps away from me.
I wander for shade,

for you.

i’m ready for the sun rise,
laying still, lizard like,
under full moon light.
I shall harvest the bright.

quick sands of heart,
take me away,
i’m blown by your smile,
casts away the dark.

on the sea,
i’m a soul on the hunt,
for your smile to clear,
the doubt and the hurt.

heart bleeding sand,
across mother land,
the sea seems great,
vast desert .

great polished sky clouds,
pass in an neverending dance.
across oceans of fear,
it crys even in the dryest of lands.

sunshine how i miss your light,
I’ve been hiding out,
traveling .
diving in,
brother breeze.
sets me free,
i’m no longer a cast away,
in the sea.
i’m floating,
like a merry song,
where I long,
for your touch,
for your love.


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