Posted by: Zigzapiens | August 28, 2015

weaving of the stars

Sun shines outside,
she weaves in her loom.
Stars make her shine,
my heart aches, by the noon.

it hurts not to touch
her hand in this world’s spin
that doesnt stop turning
in this rolling canvas
that swings

Sorrow, now sleep.
let the time pass,
the hunger of you grow
my heart for itself lost
in the weaving of the stars.

wine clears my mind,
a glass to fill desire.
a shadow on the wall,
with moonshine turns to fire.

need a hand to reach
a cold desert priestess
who can teach me in
the art of wandering

the dance of the rising phoenix.
swirling in fire,

I wait in the ocean
for a passing soul
time’s but a glass full of wine
i’m drowning in you
flowers seem to bloom
as i drink up the day
I fly away

sunshine ray,
you float, I pray.
bright summer day,
take me away.

to where i can taste
the passing breeze
the flowing wind,
the feel to scream
the sorrow’s haze,
neverending spring,
of the heart.

green rivers of fate
and to where I may lay
let it be free,
in eternity’s wings,
I shall rest.


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