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the drunker the drunk, the drunker the dusk

the pain that you trust

is a must on the house of fear

so get down (out) baby

find a new light year.


there’s a little patience

growing at your door

you begin to worry

than you worry no more.


there’s a little apple

falling on your floor

you begin to clean it

than the worms eat more.


oh the tree is growing slowly

even when you’re home at sleep

you can say its all a bad thing

but the seeds come from the sea.


i’m tired still appealing

and the earth says its ok

but brother its time to walk

away from watchful prey

love is your wand

wave it
with your brother

only one enchanted serpent

can one day bite its own tail

you want to undress the statue

but you don’t do it by the shoes

the right to choose

the right to choose



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earth spirit hiding

every once in a while in the west

theres an uprising

freedom they claimed

freedom enslaved


between beer

and cigarrete


Let the canons of peace blow

let the dove fly up and above

slowly dancing

on its feet


nature’s calling

is mother’s



I wait beside her

i scream to my heart


I Love freedom Rising

the love that you got

I see flame slowly burning

further up above


earth spirit

hiding out in every grain of sand

it never really fades

but under shades

stolen and taken

gratefully waiting


Summer skys


ceus azuis que escondem estrelas

a noite para as encontrar

há luz nas estrelas

na noite

Posted by: Zigzapiens | August 20, 2012

bird science


bird silence


soft views,

waving horizon

shimmering, liquid crystal,

sea of sound, watered,


Rain, drip merging

connect, chain, hand hold,

come, swim with me!

I’m just part of the net,

we create together.

Hug, arms reaching out,

Love links uprising,

in your laughter.

I wish.

Words less,

touching more,

deeper dive,

breathing pleasure in,






(22-05-2012) minor edit!
(03-09-2016) minor edit.

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Have a seat by the fire

I’m missing a drawing 😦 that used to be with this poem…




Have a seat by the fire my son,

look around.

Rock and Salt, boiled and shaped

by earth’s fervent core.

Who steals the light from you?

Call your memory, seat with it

let the fire have it,

the wind, help your stride.

when its over, the path has shrunken

a seed may spring up

grab the wind, fearlessly,

Trace the north with your heart

let the distant wind,

from far, far away, enlighten you.

in Pico, St. Cruz das Ribeiras



Senta-te á fogueira meu filho. Olha á tua beira, 
Rocha e Sal cozida pelo amor e animada pelo despertar do sol

Quem é que de ti rouba a luz do coração?

Chama, a tua lembrança, e senta-te com ela. 
Assa uma tocha e deixa o vento ajudar-te a caminhar
. Agora quando se apagar, já o troço se encortou
. E com a luz que queimar, uma semente hade pegar.

Abraça o vento sem medo

Traça o norte com o coração

Mas deixa o vento de longe

de longe te dar razão.

Escrito em Santa Cruz das Ribeiras, Pico


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The sun at her thumbnails

So…Hi  there!

so we've been around the fire

we’ve been around the fire

summer’s at the door – I have this 1 year old recording of a poem…I got it trimmed for you cause, its really bad…

But it has been in my mind…I suspect this has to do with a meeting of mine, on the crossroads…

this is called:

the sun at her thumbnails

the wave she tumbles

if you just stop and hear

the sun at her thumbnails

kissing the blue sea

when He’s high,

blowing fire,

up your trunk

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The Manseed in the dark

Where are you?!
hey, sparkling goddess.
Fill me with your tide.
My sprouting spirit still
oscilates in freedom loops.
Around empty  space full of love,
Void and sorrow filled with light.
Spread in me oh little spark
Grooved and rooted
Till spring is spilled
on blooming mountain’s
Dwelling dark.

Read More…

Posted by: Zigzapiens | March 21, 2012

let alone spring pass…(more alcohol)

flowering paths, revealed…

solemnly, ancestral

– the past, sleep(s),

less, original breeze,

storms, wildly.

Jailed, ragged…

the fire extinguished,

nightly, moon’s appeal

Reason; heaven

– … – prison






not beating – plainly missing everything – no heart

doctor drugs, thank you not, easiest path.

alcohol – calms the deadn’t

speak with them

bend the shred.

skull dust, smokin.

almost died the other day

blamed you

love of my heart.

killing love of my heart,

straw sucking love of my heart



my lonely self, rock climbing

doesn’t fall…

my heavy burden…turns to alcohol

oh alcohol oh alcohol

oh alcohol oh


I also love you a lot

oh alcohol oh alcohol

oh alcohol oh



Thomas Chatterton Death

Posted by: Zigzapiens | January 25, 2012

mixed-translation or lx air & azorean whiskey

Crawlin forth up rivers
hungry for moments
spoiled dreams
that roam
Trees in chemichal
scorched by waters
of chemichal bothers
dwellin’in favor of gods
yet to mystify


woke up  longing from the dream

on top of the island

sun’s breathing,

lit up moon.

from the summit, high air,
gulls and terns dive
gliding over-sea.

waving love
i see you leaving

kneel to the golden dawn
clarity of the day, fall.
gull low flight’s
effortless, dodge.

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flasks of guesses,

over empty tables

distressed whispers

in turmoil, howled screams

are silenced forever.


in honor, a mess…

imprisoned fear.

stuck, the body trapped itself

spilling burst of beauty





heart closed.

flirts with sorrow

the young man’s hungry mouth

ducked in its flawed wisdom.



the waterless fountain

in the mist of night

(on Monday, March 28, 2011)

Posted by: Zigzapiens | November 21, 2011

green undulation (or flasks II)

infinity lays dead

at the back of my eyes.

Entering them, dark light

unveils curved body,

folded in itself.


Sparkled, black and white

locked and screaming.

Trapped soul,

painful add,

to mine.


Green living mysteries

look down on me.

some standing, faithfully,

pledge to honor life.

Others, seing me,

refused, wicked side.


Denied here, there,

the mantle, undead

walks to find

what can’t be found.


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