Posted by: Zigzapiens | October 1, 2016

Old poems

Echoing sounds of rememberence
Spreading vines that grow
As memories stop the flow
I can’t seem to see the diference
From the wounds that burn
At the new horizon sun
Perhaps the world will see
One day, one new dawn
Of the light that comes to free
The false kings from their crown

Tears don’t fall from my eyes
They fall from my heartache
A pain that keeps my cry
Far longer then I can take

Posted by: Zigzapiens | September 27, 2016

I still, have to

rubber snake marks on highway’s
understand soil,
rushes stain overwhelmed. horizons,
brushes, slowly dance
awkwardly lost inside of it
flames close to the water
aven flock closely melting
towards grasps of release
scratches, desperatly in
rivers strong, waters
emerge in the airs

horrizons of deep colors
lost inside big desires

i just want…when tides of love
allow me to dive
in seas of harmony – up-ply
making, so calm rhyme

picture ilusion
as in reality present
moment, seas of it

Dec 29, 2012

Posted by: Zigzapiens | September 3, 2016

blue heart beats


When my haze is shrouded by the,

Ever lasting peace and joy

Of waking up with the rooster,

the flame in my heart

the rainbow in my eyes

your’s, close to me….


I sit along in the city streets

away for a sunny day

no matter how cloudy it is,

i know there’s sun above.

Its not just a cloudy day

its water that comes across,

goes along for the night

or waits for the dawn.


Go on,

she walks to that sunny day

leaving rainbows as she walks

i’ld love to join her love today

across her arms.

I regain


let go,


On the warmth when the sun comes

don’t worry friend we’re meant for something more.




Posted by: Zigzapiens | September 11, 2015


quietly the trees roar
echos that fill the air,
sounds of peace.
in the mist of lore,
the sacred fire burns,
in the forest.
its birds, singing loudly,
foresee the coming of men.
they wander in its core
creatively inheriting its belongings.
the forest now speaks.
and sings and moves,
as though it had legs.
she is the mother
the sun, its father.
whom casts its seeds
above green leafs
that float, the air, greenish
and its scent too,
but soon it comes to vanish,
for the rain pours in
ambrosia for the forest
that soon will drink.
the rain slowly falls on us
we have cover.
and outside
the fire still burns.


Posted by: Zigzapiens | August 28, 2015

oceans of sand

im fallin away in the desert sand,
im rollin away under the sun,
my heart is taken by the wind,
a gentle breeze that sings to me.

come in, take my heart ,
and leave me in the desert sand,
come on in, steal my heart,
and leave me in the desert sand.

i’m miles away from civilization,
as I enter your reminescence,
I enter a dream,
you came out of the dream,
my soul needs yours,
to go on.

an oasis for my soul,
sleeps away from me.
I wander for shade,

for you.

i’m ready for the sun rise,
laying still, lizard like,
under full moon light.
I shall harvest the bright.

quick sands of heart,
take me away,
i’m blown by your smile,
casts away the dark.

on the sea,
i’m a soul on the hunt,
for your smile to clear,
the doubt and the hurt.

heart bleeding sand,
across mother land,
the sea seems great,
vast desert .

great polished sky clouds,
pass in an neverending dance.
across oceans of fear,
it crys even in the dryest of lands.

sunshine how i miss your light,
I’ve been hiding out,
traveling .
diving in,
brother breeze.
sets me free,
i’m no longer a cast away,
in the sea.
i’m floating,
like a merry song,
where I long,
for your touch,
for your love.

Posted by: Zigzapiens | August 28, 2015

weaving of the stars

Sun shines outside,
she weaves in her loom.
Stars make her shine,
my heart aches, by the noon.

it hurts not to touch
her hand in this world’s spin
that doesnt stop turning
in this rolling canvas
that swings

Sorrow, now sleep.
let the time pass,
the hunger of you grow
my heart for itself lost
in the weaving of the stars.

wine clears my mind,
a glass to fill desire.
a shadow on the wall,
with moonshine turns to fire.

need a hand to reach
a cold desert priestess
who can teach me in
the art of wandering

the dance of the rising phoenix.
swirling in fire,

I wait in the ocean
for a passing soul
time’s but a glass full of wine
i’m drowning in you
flowers seem to bloom
as i drink up the day
I fly away

sunshine ray,
you float, I pray.
bright summer day,
take me away.

to where i can taste
the passing breeze
the flowing wind,
the feel to scream
the sorrow’s haze,
neverending spring,
of the heart.

green rivers of fate
and to where I may lay
let it be free,
in eternity’s wings,
I shall rest.

Posted by: Zigzapiens | October 17, 2014

birds sleeping in starry cement

i can see a whole lot better

when i’m seen across the board.

lonely crafts out in the open sea

of a surface palace sky.

all the open cages

come slowly lifting

ourselves blooming

open letters

open pages

i wish


i wish the trousers i wear,

were made a whole.

and climbing spirits from my mouth

would be green

as i enter this blissful hole.

whats free is beautiful

doesn’t cost the spirit’s blood

the release of the soft beast

yet fear-full of life

Posted by: Zigzapiens | September 18, 2014

heart sync

a rhythm that has no end
a music that cannot stop
a living symphony, the conductor.
beat to beat
pulsing, in waves of surrender

charging a dream
learning how to fly
somewhere between
songs of goodbye

a dark road vanished
to the sky
a light beacon instead
too bright, to shine

below a lesser soul
sleeps tight
turning to mold
never-ending night


in every heartbeat
a color sleeps,
as a rainbow awaits,
and creeps,
all the crying rain

Posted by: Zigzapiens | October 4, 2013

rhyme free nostalgia

abysmally alone,

the night lingers,

as it grows.

covering the joy,

in starless mantle,

over a clear sky.

hand stretching to reach,

a gentle wind

never-coming past

comes and goes

for a sunless child.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 15.08.08

Posted by: Zigzapiens | June 27, 2013

ember’s slow heat

Do not worry my friend.

have you not seen?

the flower flourish?

the river run, the heat of the sun

a slow burning ember

intensely emerging you

with no tension,

the speed of a hundred stresses

blast, trough one thought only,


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